Who We Are

Fletcher Creek Improvement District (FCID) provides water to its members. It maintains an intake, distribution system, an emergency pumping system and works to protect source water quality. According to Provincial law, the FCID is expected to provide water that meets Provincial standards of potability. The Board of Trustees is, therefore, working toward point-of-entry (POE) water treatment.

FCID members are those property owners within the Improvement District’s boundaries who obtain water from the FCID’s distribution system. FCID members contribute to the construction, maintenance and repair of the system, and to the costs of establishing eventual treatment.

The Board of Trustees are elected members who further the goals of the Improvement District, protect the interests of members, and report to the members. The Board is responsible for compliance to the Local Government Branch, the Ministry of Lands and Environment and the Ministry of Health.

Donna Butt is our Secretary/Treasurer. To contact her with any questions or concerns, please email: fletchercreekwater@gmail.com.

As an Improvement District, the FCID is regulated by the Ministry of Community, Sport, and Cultural Development. As a water provider, the FCID is regulated by Interior Health.

 Board of Trustees:

    • Maintenance and first call in Emergency:
      Neil Kelly
      Ph: 778 738-1202
      email:  nkelly1955@gmail.com
    • Karen Bergen
      Ph: 250 353-0744
      email: karenbergen4950@gmail.com
    • John Command
      Ph: 250 551-8448
      email:  johncommand9@gmail.com
    • Corporate Officer – Donna Butt email: fletchercreekwater@gmail.com