Info for New Members

Welcome to the Fletcher Creek Improvement District.

As your property has a water connection to Fletcher Creek, please be advised that your water supply is under the administration of the Fletcher Creek Improvement District, which is regulated by the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development Water Management Branch.

Interior Health has issued an indefinite Boil Drinking Water Notice due to a higher than acceptable level of total coliforms in the water. All water to be consumed must be brought to a full rolling boil for at least one minute.

Installation of all water lines must be inspected and approved by the Fletcher Creek Improvement District before they are closed in.

We suggest that you install a water sediment filter to prevent sediment build-up in your water heater and faucets.

As of February 2007, the Board of Directors placed a moratorium on all new connections and hook-ups.

Periodically you will be notified that the tanks and distribution lines will be disinfected and flushed out.  This procedure can result in water being drawn out of homes and into the FCID distribution lines if homes do not have back-siphoning prevention devices or they are not functioning.   For the FCID, it is important that water from within homes not be drawn into the distribution lines, especially from hot water tanks as they often contain deposits and silt.  As well, if hot water tanks empty of water but the heating element remains on, the element could be damaged or burn out.  Turning off the water at the main valve is the best way to prevent back siphoning into the FCID distribution lines and to prevent damage to your water tank.  If for some reason you cannot turn off the main valve, you should shut off the hot water tank valve or at the very least, turn off the power to your hot water tank by switching off the breaker.  After you have turned the water back on, it is a good idea to run an outside tap for about 15 minutes to clear out any residual bleach or debris that may be present.

Please forward your phone number, mailing address and email address to FCID   This information is required for all communications.

All new landowners will receive, and are requested to read and sign the Release of Claims, Undertaking and Agreement to Indemnify.

The annual water Tax Notice is mailed or emailed in the spring and payment is due the first business day after July 1st. See Taxes for more information.

The FCID Annual General Meeting is held in the spring of each year.