Board Meeting Minutes – June 28, 2015

Posted on Jul 29, 2015

Minutes June 28, 2015 – 7:30 pm

McLaren’s Residence, 4761 Highway 31

Trustees present: Gillian Froese, Laurie Hartland, Lance McLaren, Ron McKilligan

Secretary Treasurer: Tammy Horick

Member:  Pam Ellsay

1. Meeting called to order at 7:35 pm

2. Approval of agenda

a) “Website maintenance costs” added under New Business.

3. Approval of last Trustee minutes (May)

a) MOTION to approve May meeting minutes with amendment to correct date. Moved by Laurie Hartland, seconded by Gillian Froese.  All in favour.

b) Discussion on distribution of meeting minutes. Tammy thought that all attendees were to be mailed or emailed copies of that meeting’s minutes; trustees then agreed that posting on the website should not be a substitute for that.

ADDENDUM: Distributing minutes explicitly to attendees is NOT necessary according to Meeting Procedures Bylaw 58 which states only that  12. The minutes of all Board meetings are available to the public except for those meetings or parts of meetings that are closed to the public (in camera meetings).

4. Approval of Financial Report (Tammy Horick)

a)  As of May 31, 2015, FCID has $123,457.48 in Cash plus $23,506.91 still expected in 2015 Tax revenues. Total Liabilities and Equity, which includes capital assets, is $238,520.45.

b)  Income Statement to May 31, 2015

– Just under $30K in tax revenues in 2015.

– Payroll and honoraria expenses are just under $4K of budgeted $7,900.

– Interior Health permit paid for.

ACTION:  Ron to post Interior Health permit decal on the intake building in a prominent place.

– Laptop and software purchased for Secretary Treasurer duties ($687).

c)  Balance Statement to May 31, 2015

– Cash assets of about $147K once all 2015 taxes are paid.

– Almost $20K may be difficult to access because it is allocated to infrastructure expansion for new development.

ACTION: Tammy to look into original bylaw to find out the restrictions and alternatives (could be used for flow meters?).

d)  MOTION to accept May financials as circulated. Moved by Ron McKilligan, seconded by Gillian Froese.  All in favour.

5. Maintenance Report (Ron McKilligan)

a) Curtis Hewat attempted to repair leaking standpipe on east side of highway near 4761 Hwy 31 on June 26, 2015. It would be expensive to fix properly, it needs to be dug up, it’s not like the other standpipes.  He was able to install a hose bib so the standpipe can be opened and allowed to drip over winter and not freeze.  It’s no longer leaking but still stays full of water.

b) Discussion regarding new construction near 4930 Fletcher Creek Frontage Rd. Do they know what the requirements are regarding water connections, and that a water pipe must be approved before the trench is covered?

ACTION:  Tammy to find out what exactly our operating bylaw says is required by the member.

ACTION:  Tammy to work with Laurie to confirm Welcome Package is adequate.

c) Lines flushed on June 6, and some minor pipe repair. No longer checking water quality, not sure about turbidity.

ACTION:  Lance to ask Robert if he’s checking turbidity.


6. Action items from last Trustee minutes

a) Local Government Department updated with new Secretary Treasurer contact information. New government contacts are Dianna Porter (Advisory) and Kevan Letawske (Financial).

b) FCID laptop, MS Office, McAfee, and 3 year warranty purchased.

c) FCID should have exactly 5 trustees according to its Letters Patent.

d) Two POE quotes obtained (See item 8 below).

e) Didn’t talk to Deb Borsos or Aimee Watson about Gar Creek, but funding for new water source for Gar Creek fell through. Their construction permit for POE permission was approved, but must get water source first.  They are happy with the POE decision, but the issue is getting the water source.

f) POE announcement made on May 27, 2015 to members via email, mail and website.

g) Leaking standpipe repaired (see Maintenance report).

h) Flush occurred on June 6, 2015 and members notified via website, phoners and email (see Maintenance report).

i) KSCU signing authority is Tammy Horick, Laurie Hartland, Gillian Froese.

j) Canada Post signing authority is now Tammy Horick.

k) Member notified that watering restrictions would remain unchanged.

ACTION:  Tammy to put CBT link re watering restrictions on the website.

7. Letter of support for Hagensborg Waterworks District appeal

a) Gillian looked into this. They’re located near Bella Coola and don’t have any money to install a water system.  Their letter also asked for donations to support legal expenses.

b) Complex, expensive battle. FCID is not in the same position – we have money and are in a good financial position to implement our chosen water system.

ACTION:  Gillian to look into it some more and make a recommendation.


8. POE/POU treatment plan

a) Quotes from 2 suppliers

– Lance felt both were knowledgeable

1. AquaClean’s quote was more detailed and better prepared.

2. Water Guy deals with Interior Health quite a bit.

– Price varies on gallons per minute, quotes included normal installation, delivery and labour.

– Both quoted the same amount to complete application to Interior Health.

– The Water Guy (Cranbrook)

1. said he can’t find anybody who manufactures POU units anymore.

2. quoted for “minimal” system, various sizes..

– AquaClean (Trail)

1. provided detailed parts information from the manufacturer.

2. included costs for replacement parts, but the prices seemed high.

3. quoted for “deluxe” system, 12 gallons per minute.

– Difficult to compare as they’re presented quite differently, one is described as minimal (The Water Guy) vs deluxe (AquaClean).

– Pure Solutions is another possible provider, but previous experience with them wasn’t great.

– Gar Creek system good for comparison

1. Residents intend to do their own maintenance.

2. The community would own the parts.

– FCID must have 100% participation; everybody must sign contract OR they don’t receive water from FCID.

– Should FCID provide replacement parts or require the member to do so? Does FCID want to maintain inventory?

– Who decides how many gallons per minute for each house? FCID could say that they will pay for system X (e.g. 12 gallons per minute), and leave it up to the homeowner to upgrade.

– Size of UV bulb determines flow, needs to be replaced based on a certain number of hours of use (typically yearly).

ACTION:  Laurie to create a requirements specification of what’s needed.

ACTION:  Lance to ask both vendors for references, ask about travel costs, volume discount, and dimensions needed for the unit.

ACTION:  Lance to forward quotes to all trustees present.

ACTION:  Pam to call both and ask what it would cost for a personal POE system.

ACTION:  Tammy to maintain a POE file of quotes and other documentation during this process.

b) Member feedback

– Email received from 4 members, no mail submissions:

1. Expressed approval as long as the homeowner can be responsible for maintenance; requested regular updates including an outline of the process, and costs as they become available.

2. Expressed approval and thanks.

3. Asked about impact on systems already installed by homeowner.

4. Expressed approval; volunteered for pilot project, if any; wondered if there was any money left from the RDCK CommunityWorks grant?

– Existing systems may or may not meet requirements. We will get information from IH to find out if what is already installed is good enough; it may need to be modified.

– There is a little RDCK CW grant money left but we must request that it be used for a different purpose (it was intended for relining the tanks and flow meter installation), and have RDCK approve the change.

c) Response to members

– A response should be posted to the website addressing

1. Preliminary information from 2 suppliers

2. How the membership will be kept informed

3. The expected process for implementation

4. A possible timeframe and constraints (e.g. our water license has conditions with deadlines to identify treatment type, secure funding, etc.)

5. How existing systems will be affected

ACTION:  Lance to write and be reviewed by Ron.

d) Define the process

ACTION:  Lance and Ron to set out the steps.

e) Communications strategy

– Would like to update members monthly.

9. Website Maintenance Costs

a) Not discussed.

10. Correspondence

a) Albert Aris would like to sell his property (immediately south of 4782 Fletcher Creek Frontage Rd.). The Board will let him know if they come across anyone interested.

11. Announcements

a) Next meeting on Thursday, July 23rd at 6:30 pm at McLaren’s residence.

12. Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.


Income – May 2015

Balance – May 2015