Board Meeting Minutes March 9, 2015

Posted on May 26, 2015

Minutes March 9, 2015 –after Water Forum

Froese’s Residence, Washington Street, Kaslo

Trustees present: Gillian Froese, Laurie Hartland, Lance McLaren, Ron McKilligan

Secretary Treasurer: Tara Lynne Clapp

  1. Meeting called to order at 6 pm
  2. January meeting minutes not discussed/approved
  3. Secretary Treasurer resigning as of date of AGM.
    1. Tara willing to step down immediately if a new person is found.
    2. Board to hold an in camera meeting immediately after this one to discuss.
  4. AGM Planning
    1. Date to be set about 3rd week of April, depending on availability of Seniors Hall, Gillian to call
    2. ACTUAL as ADDENDUM, Friday April 24, 7 pm, Seniors Hall
    3. Laurie has drafted Presidents report
    4. Tara to complete financial statements, put notice of AGM in Pennywise classified, let Pat know for website
    5. Nominating Committee: Gillian and Lance to continue to seek new Board members
    6. Tara to send packages around March 23, so that all residents have information in good time … ACTUAL: AWAITING ACCOUNTS FIX, MAY NOT BE UNTIL MAR 30
  5. Implications of Water Form
    1. Tara to resend Gar Creek package
    2. Laurie to email Renee concerning whether or not to continue bacterial sampling
  6. Open meeting adjourned.