Newsletter – August, 2015

Posted on Aug 31, 2015


Laurie Hartland, Co-Chair     (250) 353-2966

Lance McLaren, Co-Chair     (250) 353-2963

Ron McKilligan                        (250) 353-2679

Gillian Froese                           (250) 353-7171

One position vacant


Brad Hartland             (250) 353-2966

Ron McKilligan           (250) 353-2679


Tammy Horick            (250) 353-2349


Boil Water Advisory

Please be advised that the FCID continues to be on a BOIL WATER ADVISORY.  All water used for human consumption should be brought to a full rolling boil for at least one minute and should be used for drinking, food preparation, cleaning of food, brushing teeth, making baby formula, etc.  Home owners are requested to notify all tenants and guests.

Boil Water Advisory

POE water treatment update

Your Trustees are still working with two vendors to nail down a detailed quote for a POE treatment plan that works for FCID.   They are also considering good questions like how to handle houses with existing water treatment systems and how to manage maintenance of the POE systems after installation.   You will be updated as this work progresses.

Release of Claims waiver (no action necessary)

This is just a reminder that FCID does not carry liability insurance due to the extremely high premiums.  All FCID members will have instead read and signed a Release of Claims, Undertaking and Agreement to Indemnify form.  Since it may have been a while since you’ve thought about it, copies of the waiver and the Boil Water Advisory are attached for your reference.  Please remember to respect the BWA guidelines for the health of yourself, your family, guests and renters.

Release of Claims

Watering restrictions extended to September 30

Watering restrictions will be in place from June 1 to September 30 starting this year (previously June 1 to September 1).  During this period, please water with fixed sprinklers only every other day after 6 pm and before 9 am.  Your tax notice indicates whether your household waters on odd or even days of the month.  Email if you’re not sure what your watering schedule is.

New members

The Board would like to take this opportunity to welcome Josef and Gudrun Riegler as new residents in the Improvement District.

Trustee vacancy

FCID currently only has 4 trustees, and should have 5.  Trustees must be legal residents of BC.  If you are interested in being a trustee, please let us know!


Tammy Horick,

Secretary Treasurer, Fletcher Creek Improvement District

On behalf of your FCID Board

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