Board Meeting Minutes November 24, 2014

Posted on Feb 10, 2015


November 24, 2014 at 7:00 pm

McLaren’s Residence 4761 Highway 31

Trustees present: Gillian Froese, Laurie Hartland, Lance McLaren, Ron McKilligan

Secretary Treasurer: Tara Lynne Clapp

Guests present: Andy Shadrack


  1. Meeting called to order at 7:15 pm
  2. Guest Report: Andy Shadrack, changes to POE upcoming
    1. Presented information to Trustees, including
      • Union of BC Municipalities/Ministry of Health agreement
      • Gar Creek system approval, conditions, and estimates
    2. Additional information circulated including
      • Two sections of Water Act relevant to status of POE systems for small water user groups
    3. Tara prepared capital budget scenarios for new POE info and range of costs for centralized for use by Trustees to estimate effect on fees over time
    4. Andy explained how the new definitions of small water systems affect the ability of Fletcher Creek to use POE systems
      • Small water systems now defined as 25-124 users
      • ‘crossover’ point where centralized starts to have economies of scale over POE now moved to a greater number
      • Ministry does not support the impractical testing, access, and locking requirements
      • Liability now shared between water user groups and property owners for POE systems, requirements for maintenance, testing, and reporting spelled out
      • A system can become a POE system, homeowners required to comply with basic ‘system’ requirements
      • Requirement to have CWO not part of discussion
      • IHA has not yet changed its definitions in response to new policy
      • Policies evolving, but depending on actual costs of centralized systems, it is likely that POE systems significantly cheaper, allow fewer restrictions on irrigation
    5. Centralized actuals available:
      • Ymir, $400 K, Don Nash
      • South Slocan, $750 K, Urban Systems
      • Need good #s on how much actual similar centralized water treatment plants cost
    6. Note: Send Bacti reports to Lance
  3. Approval of last Trustee minutes (October),
    1. Motion to approve minutes of Oct 8, 2014, Lance moved, Ron second. Passed.
  4. Approval of Financial Report
    1. Tara presented Income Statement, Balance Sheet as of Oct 31, 2014
    2. Motion to approve financial report as of Oct 31, 2014. Gillian moved, Lance second. Passed.
  5. Maintenance Report
    1. Ron gave Maintenance report.
    2. Tanks cleaned out, water off for six hours, from 9-3. Ran the standpipes and got bleach out of the lines. One standpipe is dripping, set to run enough to prevent freeze damage. Fine silt in the lines.
    3. Call from Davidson property tenant about water pressure, second call.
    4. Phoners and phone lists now ready for next clean date.
    5. Ron will proceed with geotech, at very low cost.
    6. No flowmeter order at this time.

Old Business

  1. Election of Chair
    1. Discussion of Chair role.
    2. Lance and Laurie nominated to serve as Co-Chairs. Passed.
  2. Bylaw review
    1. Bylaw # 60 Capital Works Renewal Reserve Fund Amended, second reading.
    2. Motion that Bylaw #60 Capital Works Renewal Reserve Fund Amended is now adopted. Moved by Laurie, second by Lance. Passed

New Business

  1. Annual budget setting and taxation process: set aside for next meeting
    1. Review of budget for 2015
    2. Review of taxation bylaw #61
  2. Adjournment moved by Ron McKilligan. Passed

Financial Reports

Income as of Oct 31 2014 vs Budget

Balance as at Oct 31, 2014